Families in Fowlerville celebrate freedom on Memorial Day

(WLNS) – In Fowlerville, Memorial Day is about more than just the parade, food and soaking up the sun, it’s about a community serving one another, and the country as a whole.

The ceremony is a sight to see, but before the music and speeches, Catherin Proulx stood alongside her family in solitude to pay her respects to her late husband, a Vietnam Veteran, who served more than just his wife and community, but his country as well.

“We need to understand that there’s a lot of time put in to the freedoms we have here,” Catherine said.

Catherine is one of many in Fowlerville who look at Memorial Day as more than just a day off from work.

11-year-old Liam Cowan grew up with a long line of men in his family, who all served their country, which helps him appreciate the real meaning behind the holiday.

“The importance is remembering all the Veterans who died for this country that gave us all the freedom we have today,” Liam said.

Liam not only honors those who have fought for America and passed away, but looks forward to his chance to step in place as the next line of men and women serving their country.

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Author: GreaterDetroitReporter

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