Fans pack Dallas to support the Spartans

ARLINGTON, TX (WLNS) – Coach D. isn’t in Dallas alone. He’s got his support staff, his team, and thousands of members of the Spartan nation who traveled to Texas to support MSU.

6 News Anchor and Spartan alumna Sheri Jones is among the crowd.

“Well believe it or not the parking lots are already filling up with tailgaters and we found some green and white some true Spartan fans who are actually still setting up for their tailgate right now.”

Reporter: “Hi guys are you having fun so far?”

“We are having a riot. It will be even more fun tomorrow,” said Mark Matta, fan.

Reporter: “This is a tradition for you. You follow the Spartans wherever they go.”

“We love ’em. We love ‘em. They’re our Alma matter. We’ve been following them since the 70’s. And we’re going to follow them to a victory tomorrow evening that’s for sure!”

“We love it, you know that’s just part of it- the decorating, you can smell the brisket. And dogs, everybody’s involved,” said a fan.

“We left Monday morning 6 a.m. We fought all the rain coming down, and the wind and all that stuff. And uh we are finally here. We’re very excited! Go green!!” said Bob Wilson.

“I am a big follower of Michigan State. I of course have season tickets and ah. This is a thrill. Hopefully not a once in a lifetime thrill, but ah I’m really looking forward to the game tomorrow night. I am so excited I am going to be here and watch Michigan State beat Alabama!” said Carter Kegle.

Well that wraps things up from here from the tailgating area right across the street from AT&T Stadium. 6 News is here for you in Dallas, Texas. Go Green!

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