Habitat for Humanity Lansing seeing exponential numbers in home buyer inquires

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – For years Habitat for Humanity Lansing has given local families a chance to live the American dream, but recent media attention has put the program in the spot-light and now hundreds of local families are now hoping for a life changing opportunity.

“Historically we have not had this level of inquiries, this is an absolute peak for us and it’s welcomed,” Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity Lansing, Vicki Hamilton-Allen said. “We had a lot of visibility on our women build from the friends for life campaign and it has really echoed and amplified our voice in the community where we haven’t been heard before.”

To put the numbers into perspective, from January of this year to the beginning of May, there were less than 12 inquiries coming in to the Habitat for Humanity Lansing Home Buyer Program, but after an increase in media attention throughout the month of May, that number has skyrocketed.

“We had over 300 people register for orientation sessions, these are the first two of seven,” Hamilton-Allen said.

In response to those numbers, Habitat for Humanity Lansing kicked off a series of orientation sessions to educate people on how the home buyer program works.

“And understanding that it’s not a handout,” Hamilton-Allen said. “It’s not a giveaway program. The focus is really getting people to understand that there are three main criteria for becoming a habitat home buyer.”

Catching the attention of many people, like Shaun Kohut.

“I just thought it would be a good idea to see what it’s about and see how I could learn to become to get myself involved in applying for a house,” Kohut said.

To get a Habitat Home, you have to qualify first, and then put in at least 350 hours of sweat equity.

Something that Kohut says not only helps build a home, but character as well.

“It gets, not only the community it brings them together, but it also gives people an idea of what they need to start mortgaging to start a house because I know personally I’ve rented my whole life,” Kohut said.

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