MSU faces off against Alabama in Battle of the Marching Bands

DALLAS, TX (WLNS) – Fans have traveled far and wide to be at the Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas. On Wednesday fans piled in to watch the Battle of the Bands.

Everyone is having a great time and the fans are so excited to cheer on their Spartans to victory.

“Look at the crowd, this is amazing all these Spartan fans here and uh I’m just I’m just delighted they want to make the Spartan marching band part of the bowl trip part of their experience. Basically it’s a chance for the fans of the schools to hear what unique about the S.E.C. and Alabama’s traditions and then these kids from the south, you know their great Big Ten band tradition.”

Reporter: “What has been your favorite part so far?”

“Uh, probably all the fans that are here and cheering for Michigan State.”

“This is great. I’m here with my daughter and it’s a great experience sharing that with her and the fans are awesome.”

Spartan spirit has filled the air in Dallas as fans get ready for the Cotton Bowl.

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Author: GreaterDetroitReporter

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