Police up patrol for Halloween weekend

EAST LANSING, MI (WLNS) – East Lansing police says they will have extra patrols out for the weekend, filled with young ones in costumes, and college students ready to party.

“During a home football game or not this is always a, very, very, very busy weekend for us, the MSU students and college students really do Halloween up good, they kind of take it as an opportunity to act like kids again” Lieutenant Scott Wriggelsworth of East Lansing said.

This year’s Halloween falls on a Saturday without a MSU home game. ” Lieutenant Scott Wriggelsworth reminds those behind the wheel to stay patient and alert for trick or treaters.

“Be extra cautious and travel extra slow because you know the kids are excited to get to that next house and sometimes they forget the cardinal rules of safety of crossing the street and looking both ways” Wriggelsworth said.

Sergeant McGlothian-Taylor of MSU police says, drivers aren’t the only ones that should be on the lookout, pedestrians should take an extra look before crossing the streets.

“You get a lot of individuals that who are just walking across the street not looking at the cars so it’s important to make that eye contact with vehicles when crossing in the crosswalk” Srgt. McGlothian-Taylor said.

Both East Lansing and Michigan State Police mention that at 2:00am, the clocks roll back to 1am, and bars will be open an extra hour.

This means police are ready and they want you to be too.

“After a big weekend it’s not uncommon to see batman in a cell with superman that’s in a cell with ironman because you know they made some bad choices along the way” Wriggelsworth said.

Specific tips for pedestrian from Sgt. McGlothian-Taylor are:

Be visible- using glow sticks, light colors, or lights
Cross at cross walks
Look both ways before crossing the street
Make eye contact with person behind the wheel

Specific tips for bikers include:

Riding on bike paths not on side walks
Being visible with lights
If you are on sidewalk, walk bike across the street

Specific tip for drivers include:

Be aware of your surroundings
Prepare for the rain using wipes
Use lights at night to maximize visibility

Police don’t mind you having fun on Halloween, but be responsible and careful doing it.



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Author: GreaterDetroitReporter

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