With this weekend’s showings of “Out of the Past” and “The Look of Silence” as the last two films of our summer film schedule, we look forward to some great fall films including “Meru,” “Listen to Me Marlon,” Christopher Nolan’s “The Brothers Quay” and many more!

Pictured: “Listen to Me Marlon” (UK/2015)

Often referred to as the greatest actor of the 20th Century, Marlon Brando was also one of the world’s great mysteries. Deeply troubled, riddled with insecurities yet brilliantly talented, Brando reveals himself as never before thanks to 200 hours of recordings he made during his lifetime. With those tapes as a starting point, Stevan Riley has assembled a mind-blowing portrait of the artist (including the appearance of an eerie, floating head of Brando) who reveals himself to be every bit as fascinating as any of the characters he created on screen. (100 min)


Author: GreaterDetroitReporter

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